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Advance payment At the end of 2013 the value of advance payment was Rp211 billion, decreased by Rp155 billion or 42.4% than previous year. The main cause of this decrease was the construction of Kaltim-5 plant. Net Tax Expense Net Tax Expense for 2012 was Rp334 billion, decreased by Rp308 billion or 48% compared to 2012 of Rp641 billion.

  • Bond payable clasified as financial liabilities which fair value are recognized through profit or loss.
  • Finance charges are reflected in the statement of income.
  • Reviewed Board of Directors proposal on Pupuk Kaltim’s organizational structure change.


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Lack of urea stock in line 3 storages Pupuk Kaltim is one of industries that support government program of food resilience through its role in ensuring domestic fertilizer availability. The objective can be achieved by effective fertilizer distribution. Tujuan penerapan manajemen risiko mendukung visi, misi dan tujuan perusahaan.

The main business of Pupuk Kaltim is to produce and market ammonia, urea, NPK fertilizer and organic fertilizer both for domestic demand and foreign market. Pupuk Kaltim operates five urea plants, four ammonia plants and five NPK plants. Production total capacity for urea is 2.98 million ton a year, 1.85 million ton ammonia a year and 350 thousand ton NPK a year.

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Revenue and Expense Recognition Sales are recognized when the risk and benefit ownership right is significantly transferred to the buyer. Expenses are recognized when incurred on accrual basis. The issued sukuk presented in long-term liabilities, and reclassified in to short-term liabilities when due within one year. Sukuk Sukuk is initially recognized on issuance, and recorded at par value, adjusted with the premium or discounts, and transaction costs related to the issuance. I) Defined Benefit Pension Plans – the Company and subsidiaries have defined benefit pension plans covering all of their permanent employees which is managed by a Pension Fund as stipulated in the Company’s and subsidiaries’ regulations. Total contributions consist of employee contributions of 5% of employees’ basic pensionable salaries and the Company’s and subsidiaries’ contributions computed on an actuarial basis.

There are no items which are designated gifts for this day and parents usually buy gifts which their kids like. However, according to the survey conducted by the online shopping site, 11st.co.kr, parents prefer gifts which are educational in nature but the kids prefer toys or robots from animated films. In the end, it seems that the kids win since robots are always the best selling products. On the other hand, as this day is a public holiday in South Korea, parents can take a day off and bring their kids to places where they can enjoy the time together, for example, parks, theme parks, zoos, museums, and cinemas.