Event Lighting Fundamentals


Event Lighting Setup and Control
By: Steven Bright (Author)

Stage event Lighting and Management now involves the use of LED lights and Digital Multiplex machines. You can setup light fixtures manually or control them using a DMX machine. 

Parker lights are RGB light and both Parker and Moving Head lights are produced using LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology.You have to address each light fixture starting from 1 and then add 16 to get the next address i.e. 17, add 16 again to get the next one i.e. 33 etc. 

These are what you will learn:

*Types of Lighting Fixtures 

*Physical Connection 

*Manual Light Installation 

*Manual Setup of Parker LightManual Setup of Moving Head Light

*Manual Setup of Wall Washer Light

*Controlling Light Using DMX

*Controlling Moving Head Light and Mirror Ball

*Controlling Parker Light

New Advanced Technology Lighting

A top trend in today’s lighting is smart lights. You can buy LED bulbs that can be controlled via Wi-Fi. These smart light bulbs often come with RGB colours. That means you can choose any colour you desire, to shine in your kitchen.

You can customize smart lights. Set timers for the lights so that you can turn it off or on at a specific time, or control them externally, even when you are not at home. Some smart lights can be integrated with digital assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. A GPS option is also available for Smart interior lighting. These can offer you automatic lighting inside the kitchen as you enter your house.

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