20 date night movies to watch with your significant other this weekend


20 date night movies to watch with your significant other this weekend

20 date night movies to watch with your significant other this weekend

Have you ever settled in on an at home date night in only to spend the entire time searching for movie instead of watching it? In the world of Netflix, Hulu, Smart TVs and more, sometimes movie night gets delayed by the sheer amount of choices. Hello, overwhelmed. Do you go with a romance to reflect your feelings? A comedy because you need to laugh? A serious drama that you can dissect together afterward? Or something completely fantastical to take you away from real life? And then, how do you both agree on something?

We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of movies to watch as a couple for you, by sharing some of our own favorite date night movie picks. From rom-coms that got it right to comedies, animated films, classics, and more, these are some solid picks for what to watch with your significant other this weekend. So curl up on the couch, grab a cozy blanket, and settle in to watch one of these couples movie picks.

And if you need a little more reassurance, the Huffington Post reported in 2016 that a U.K. study found that watching movies is good for relationships, there’s no need to feel guilty when you plan your next movie date night around one of these films. It’s time to get cozy AF.

The best date night movies, according to our editors:

1. About Time (2013)

“This underrated rom-com is a date-night winner for many reasons says our assistant editor, Claire Harmeyer. “Firstly, the actors: Rachel McAdams is basically this generation’s rom-com queen (due to her charisma and natural beauty), and Domhnall Gleeson is an endearing, non-stereotypical male lead. Secondly, it’s actually hilarious. Many movies that label themselves as “rom-coms” aren’t comedic at all, but the minor characters in this one will have you laughing with your S.O. Lastly, it’s emotional, but not in the typical romantic film way.

Basically, This movie will have you in your feels because of the family dynamics and general life lessons it offers, instead of just a typical romance (while of course, that’s sprinkled in there too, because date night—duh.)”

2. The Big Sick (2017)

“It’s based on the true love story of Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon. Peppered with Nanjiani’s stand-up comedy, of course, it’s funny, but it’s also moving,” says our news editor, Caitlin White of her personal favorite. “It cuts right to the core of real-life concerns for couples, albeit in an extraordinary circumstance—especially how romantic relationships fit into (or don’t fit into) the boxes our parents build for us.”

3. Hitch (2005)

“I will never not suggest a Will Smith flick as a date night movie,” says our SEO content writer. “This one , where Will Smith plays a smooth operator who lends a hand to an awkward but well-intentioned man at finding love, has something for everyone. Both guys and gals alike will appreciate the mix of endearing and funny. Plus, the dancing scenes of Kevin James breaking it down are iconic in my eyes.”

4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall(2008)

“I think my favorite rom-com is probably Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” says our senior Lifestyle editor. “It’s hilarious, romantic, and bold. And it’s always a good film to have in the background when you’re doing chores with your S.O. I know, so romantic.”

5. Mama Mia! (2008)

Forget what you think you know about Mama Mia, because according to our social media manager all the upbeat singing and dancing, makes for a great date night movie.

“I consider watching Mamma Mia with a significant other to be a litmus test,” she says. If they can’t fully appreciate ABBA sing-a-longs and Meryl Streep in overhauls, I’m not taking a chance on them.”

6. Moonstruck (1987)

You’ll be feeling the amore after you watch this rom-com that earned insane Oscar accolades including Cher’s Best Actress Academy Award and Best Picture. It follows Loretta Castorini, a widow living with her big Italnian family in Brooklyn who, after agreeing to marry one man, falls in love with his hot headed, jaded younger brother. It’s dramatic, juicy, and a little bit retro, making it a fabulous pick for a date night in.

7. Once (2007)

There’s so much I can say about this movie,” reports one of our writers. “It’s honestly one of the most romantic movies ever and there’s something extra sepcial about it being a low-budget Indie film. Not to mention, the songs are incredible (and you and your S.O. will want to listen to them again and again after watching). Take it from me: This low-key romantic musical will have you ‘Falling Slowly’ in love.”

7. Up (2009)

Want to know what true love is? It’s the opening sequence of Up. And you’ll want your significant other close by while you watch the touching — and devastating — beginning.

8. The Princess Bride (1987)

This fantasy adventure film is beloved for a very good reason, and it still holds up 30 years later.

9. Love & Basketball

What this movie is about is all in the title. Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps play characters who pursue their dreams of being professional basketball players and, in the process, fall in love.

10. WALL-E

This Pixar film will remind you of the simple joy of just holding your significant other’s hand.

11. Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams is known for having the ability to make grown men weep, but any person of any gender will tear up at this story that shows the magic of baseball.

12. Brokeback Mountain

Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger show the tragedy of denying who you truly are — and who you truly love — in Ang Lee’s Western.

13. When Harry Met Sally…

The essential rom-com explores whether women and men can ever be just friends.

14. The Lord of the Rings triology

Next time you have an entire day available with your bae, get some takeout and watch all three of Lord of the Rings films: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. Bonus points if you two go for the extended editions.

15. Grosse Pointe Blank

You’d never expect a movie about a professional assassin going to his high school reunion to be so delightful, but then again, that’s what happens when you combine John Cusack, Minnie Driver, Dan Aykroyd, and a killer (har har) soundtrack.

16. Kissing Jessica Stein

Heather Juergensen and Jennifer Westfeldt (yes, Jon Hamm’s ex) not only star in this indie film about a straight woman who tries a lesbian relationship, but the pair also wrote it.

17. Ruby Sparks

Real-life couple Zoe Kazan (who wrote the movie) and Paul Dano star in this fantastical romance about what happens when an author’s fictional dream girl comes to life.

18. Stardust

Before American Gods, another one of Neil Gaiman’s novels was adapted into this charming and romantic fantasy movie. Pre-Homeland Claire Danes and pre-Daredevil Charlie Cox star with backup provided by a swashbuckling Robert DeNiro.

18. Enough Said

The romance stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini as two divorced people testing out the dating waters again.

19. Get Out

If you like your significant other by your side when you watch scary movies, then watch this horror movie from the mind of Jordan Peele that gives the worst-case scenario for meeting the parents.

20. Bonnie & Clyde

These two bank robbers loved each other…to death. How romantic.

Next time you need inspiration for a movie night, let these films transport you and your loved one.

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