12 cute back to school hairstyles that will earn you an A+


12 cute back to school hairstyles that will earn you an A+

12 cute back to school hairstyles that will earn you an A+

You finally mastered your contour and picked the perfect first day of school outfit—now all you need is a finishing touch to wow everyone you haven’t seen since May. Enter: Cute back to school hairstyles. Braided buns, fierce fishtails and power ponies are just the extra oomph your back-to-school look needs.

School mornings can be hectic, especially when you’re just getting back into your routine. You need hairstyles that aren’t just cute, but easy and quick, too. Even if you’re an early riser, these cute back to school hairstyles will simplify your morning routine—and who wouldn’t want that? Whether you’re still loving your lighter locks from a sun-kissed summer or you’ve opted for a darker autumn shade, these cute back-to-school hairstyles will earn you an A+ all year long.

Cute back to school hairstyles for long hair

Long locks are the envy of many who have trouble growing their hair out past their shoulders. But all of those luscious strands can be overwhelming to style, too. These easy back to school hairstyles for long hair will shine the spotlight on your beautiful mane—and get you out the door in no time.

1. Pigtail braids

Braids or pigtails—why choose between these iconic back to school hairstyles when you can combine them? Opting for dutch braids gives this classic school girl hairstyle a grown-up twist.

2. Party pony

Who said school was all work and no play? This sassy half-up pony is the perfect way to bring some playful energy into your school day. Scrunchies also keep that youthful vibe alive.

3. Braided Bun

Beat the back to school heat with this chic bun made of braids. Let a few hang down to show that it’s not all business.

4. Big bun

Overslept and need your hair done, stat? Bundle your long locks into this low bun, and done. Add a colorful scarf to tie this back to school hairstyle together.

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5. Low pony

Ooh la-la. This intricate double braid into a low wavy pony might be a bit more challenging than other hairstyles, but the carefree boho vibe it exudes is worth it.

6. Barrette boss

We’re obsessed with the barrette trend, and plan to take full advantage of it this school year. Slipping colorful or subtly sparkly barrettes into your hair adds an extra dash of style to your look—and it’s so easy!

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Cute back to school hairstyles for short hair

Rocking short hair doesn’t mean less hairstyle options. There are tons of fun ways to elevate your look with your shorter ‘do. Try these cute back to school hairstyles and you’ll be the star student of the day.

1. Half-up bun

The half-up bun trend isn’t going away anytime soon, and we’re sticking to it. Sassy and smart, this hairstyle is a tried and true fave.

2. Dutch braid buns

This cute back to school hairstyle is a winner any day of the week. You might even be able to sleep in these adorable braids and wear them to school the next day without redoing them—we promise we won’t tell.

3. Pretty pony

If you’re in a pinch, this pretty ponytail should be your go-to. Leave a few strands loose to frame your face and add a subtle barrette to cover the hair tie—effortlessly chic.

4. Head scarf

We love a good headscarf. Wrap a headband or tie a printed scarf around your locks and voilà—cute back to school hairstyle: Achieved.

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5. Space buns

Unleash your spunky side with space buns. Wrapping colorful scrunchies around them adds a retro vibe we’re all about.

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6. Fishtail tie-back

These loose fishtail braids pull hair away from your face, making this back to school hairstyle perfect for getting down to business—while still looking cute. Once you’ve mastered these soft and sweet fishtails, you can master anything at school.

Try these cute back to school hairstyles this school year and your friends will be asking you to be their hair tutor in no time.

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