Balenciaga’s $1,200 micro bags will only fit your phone


These days our phone can tell us the news and weather, pay for our morning coffee, hold our boarding passes and even order us dinner. With one tiny device, we can do so much and it might be for this reason that our bags are getting smaller and smaller. Enter the micro bag trend, a mode we also saw on the Balenciaga ready-to-wear autumn/winter ‘19/‘20 runway.

Now, those teeny-tiny Balenciaga bags we first saw back in March have dropped in stores and immediately made their way onto our wishlists. 

Aptly named the Balenciaga Phone Holder bag, this super cute micro accessory is so small it only fits a phone. Now is the time to take a look at the contents of your handbag and make a cull, as the only thing you’ll want to carry around is this super chic purse. And yet, Balenciaga reassures us it will fit any phone comfortably, so whether you’re an iPhone or Android user you’re sorted.

The Balenciaga Phone Holder bag. Image credit: supplied

The Balenciaga Phone Holder bag. Image credit: supplied

The Balenciaga Phone Holder bag is the newest addition to the French label’s Shopping Bag line. Available in a trio of neutrals – grey, black and white – and featuring the Balenciaga logo on front, the bags are made of calfskin leather and feature long, detachable cross-body straps. Mimicking the look of a shopping bag, it even features a flat base and creased sides that fold in like a paper bag. At the top, an invisible magnet acts as a closure so you’ll never be in danger of losing your phone.

The must-have piece is now in store and is available both at and It can be yours for a reasonable $1,200.

After all, it carries everything you need in life, right?