Thought About Permanent Hair Removal?


Sydney based Peach Clinics in an exclusive interview with the Blog Chicks team advised that they offer intensive permanent hair removal sessions for both men and women. The Blog Chicks team know first hand that their work really is ‘permanent hair removal’ and does not grow back like other so called permanent hair removal methods.

The intensive sessions using galvanic electrolysis is for clients needing to permanently remove larger areas of unwanted hair quickly.

This service is unique: nowhere else in Australia is multi-probe galvanic electrolysis offered by way of intensive treatment sessions.

When completed under Peach Clinics’ protocol for intensive hair removal, efficiency gains compared to regular weekly treatment will reduce the number of treatment hours, achieve results over a shorter period of time and cost less. When compared with methods of hair removal which require repeated treatment such as laser, thermolysis or blend, the overall savings are even greater.

Peach Clinics offers intensive permanent hair removal sessions of galvanic electrolysis for the face, neck, chest, back, arms, legs and genital areas. Intensive permanent hair removal sessions are proving popular with men seeking a sharper, cleaner look for their body hair as fast as possible.

After the first session, clients see a dramatic reduction in the number of visible hairs. Depending on the area being treated, 50 percent or more of visible hair will be removed in the first series of treatments.

Sessions are conducted in a one-day-on, one-day-off regimen. This gives skin a measure of recovery between treatments. Each daily session lasts 8 hours plus brief breaks. Shorter sessions can also be arranged on alternate days.

Where practicable, dental injections of local anaesthesia can be arranged to assist with pain management during treatment sessions. Peach Clinics also provides video glasses and streaming services for clients to pass the time.

Intensive treatment sessions require a break of between 6 and 8 weeks. Hair grows in cycles with only a quarter to a third of hairs actually visible at any one time. The remaining follicles are dormant. In order to allow the next cycle of hairs to grow through, treatments are staggered at these intervals.

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About Peach Clinics

Peach Clinics is Sydney based and known for its highly effective treatment for permanent hair removal on both men and women. They are dedicated to helping clients achieve their dream of bare, hair-free skin by offering the most effective means of permanent hair removal available: galvanic electrolysis.

This method works on every hair colour and every skin colour. It is the only method recognised as permanent hair removal by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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