Thinking of using synthetic grass?


The use of artificial grass was first introduced back in 1960s. Since then, these artificial grasses have been used for variety of purposes.  There are many benefits of replacing natural grass with artificial grasses. These grasses are particularly useful in areas prone to drought condition. It gives an aesthetic appeal to the landscape surroundings and you will never have to worry about brown spots or bare spots ever again. When you use artificial grass, you do not have to worry about the ongoing expenses of maintaining natural grass. There would be no mowing, seeding, edging, weeding, fertilizing, watering and aerating, all the work we have to do to maintain our natural grass in great condition. Moreover, you would not have to worry about any irrigation system to maintain, no mud to worry about, no metered water to be used and no additional maintenance needed. Below are some common uses of artificial grass and their advantages over the natural grasses.

Residential Gardens

If you do not want the hassle of maintaining a lawn of natural grass, you should opt for an artificial grass lawn surface. This is why, many people opt for artificial grass to install it in a residential garden to replace the lawn of natural grass. However, artificial grasses are not completely free from maintenance. The maintenance involved are minimal compared to natural grasses. These grasses are often suitable to people who have a busy life or to elderly and physically disabled people, who are incapable to maintaining the grasses themselves. Moreover, these artificial grasses are very safe to use, often safer than the natural grasses. They are durable as well as comfortable. These artificial grasses look lush and appealing, with significantly less maintenance and are highly sustainable. You will never have to use harmful pesticides and fertilizers again. You will never have to spend precious time mowing the lawns and instead can enjoy that time with your family, pets and friends.

Dog Runs

We love our pets and would do anything for them. However, natural grass just is not meant for continual use by dogs, especially if you do not want to bear the hassle of maintaining brown and bare spots in your lovely garden. There would be no mud stains on the carpet after rain ever again, no blades of grasses sticking to your flooring. One of the significant reason for opting to have artificial grasses for your pets is that it provides a soft grass surface for them to play on without brown spots and bare spots developing. Dogs often urinate in the same regular spot and that particular area tends to turn brown over time. This will provide an aesthetic look we don’t like and demands loads of maintenance to keep it green. Even professional dog kennels opt for artificial grass as natural grass would not stand a chance against the large number of dogs playing, rolling and digging up on it. Artificial grasses have easy draining systems, hence easily draining the large amount of rain water and urine straight through the grass. This makes it very easy for the dog owners as well as being extremely healthy for the animals.

Balconies and Rooftop Gardens

The latest architectural trend is everyone turning their balconies and rooftop into small yet aesthetically appealing gardens. Adding green to your garden will always make it brighter and make it a cool place to hang out and enjoy the outdoors. Fewer people now are opt now for concrete and paving. Artificial grass also removes the high chance of injuries if you have your kids up in the rooftop playing on concrete. Having an artificial roof to lawn will ensure less maintenance, achieve a really appealing aesthetic look and provide a safe surface for children and pets.

Schools and Nurseries

Many schools and nurseries are now turning towards installing artificial grass for playground surfaces. These are the places where hundreds if not thousands of kids play, run and spend time every day. Natural Grasses cannot withstand such heavy use and still look as green and beautiful as it did on the day they were installed. Natural grass is put under a lot of strain resulting in bare and worn grass patches. When it rains, these patches turn into mud pools. Natural grasses, especially in schools and nurseries, demand high maintenance to repair. This is why, artificial grasses is considered the best choice to install in these locations.


Even hotels are opting for artificial grasses for their stunning aesthetics. These are usually installed at the entrance, poolside, in courtyards and to create lawn areas. Hospitality business thrives in aesthetics and first impression. Brown patches and mud pools can give  a very bad look to any five star hotel lawn. You can never go wrong with the latest innovations of artificial grass. It’s such a low maintenance product and hence, in the long run, can save a lot of time and money for the hotel.

Play Grounds

There has been a history of using granular tree bark as a ‘soft surface’ material under children’s play ground climbing frames and swings. These have proven to be unsuitable as cats find it a great place to defecate given the soft aggregate garden surface that is so appealing to them. Today, a soft ‘spongy’ rubber that is overlaid with synthetic grass is now favoured as the most suitable to be used in these locations.

Sports Fields

Ever since artificial grass was first developed, the material has been used for replacing natural grass on sports fields of all types and locations. Over the years the cost savings and  the benefits of this all-weather, year round surface, not to mention the quality of the surface for small ball sports like hockey it an exceptional surface for any sports ground. The use of it is growing in popularity by the year and is used in all sports from artificial cricket pitches for year round use, to lawns for croquet in geogrphic locations where growing natural grass is difficult.

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